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Endorsement of Insurance Claim Check

  • Service available at all FirstBank branches.
  • The client must be present. If not, the person must bring written authorization and copy of the client’s identification and his identification. Client must endorse the insurance company’s check.

Repaired autos:

  • Check is endorsed only after client has brought the car in to be inspected.
  • Loan must be current.

Without repairs:

  • Endorsement of check of up to $800 with a current account.
  • Endorsement of check from $801-$1,500 with 12 payments, current account and excellent credit.
  • Check for $1,501-$4,000, is substituted for a check in the name of the client and the garage with a commercial endorsement, as long as the loan is current and at least 12 payments have been made.
  • Checks in excess of 4,000, 50% is retained and the check is emitted for half in the name of the client and the garage. Once it is repaired, the client must bring the car to be inspected and pick up the amount retained.